More about what you get

The examples shown below will give you a good idea of the range of design styles we can create, but your site will be customized just for you. For example, if you have several great customer testimonials (a really good idea), we can add them with no problem. During the ordering process, we’ll ask you about any requests like this that you might have. And once your site is live, you’re not locked into a design forever. If you’d like to change or add something, we can do that for a small fee.

The examples shown below will give you a good idea of the range of design styles we can create, but your site will be customized just for you. For example, if you have several great customer testimonials (a really good idea), we can add them with no problem. During the ordering process, we’ll ask you about any requests like this that you might have. And once your site is live, you’re not locked into a design forever. If you’d like to change or add something, we can do that for a small fee.

Single page vs. multi-page: which is better?

Business owners are often confused about how many pages their website should have. Many people think that more pages must be better, and end up with a five-page site with very little content on each page. I’ve seen Contact pages with a phone number and nothing else. More pages are not better. Some of the most effective websites out there are single-pagers. In the smartphone era, focusing on page numbers is an outdated, old-school approach.

For most service-based small businesses, a single-page design is the best choice. This allows users to simply scroll down to see all of the information, without the bother of going to other pages. All of our designs are single-page, since that’s the best place to start (and it’s all most small businesses need). If you reach the point where you think you’d benefit from more pages, we’ll be happy to discuss that with you.

A few samples of our designs

Here are some sample sites we made to show the range of design styles we can create for you; click the images to view the sites. IMPORTANT: These are not actual templates for you to choose from. Compare these designs to other low-cost website options; most of those look like slight variations of the same design. That’s because they use a single template for every site. Unlike them, we create a custom design just for you. Once we get your content and initial questionnaire, we will create a design that fits your business. The design details — colors, type, etc. — will be adjusted to make your site unique. Since the sites shown here are design mockups, they all contain dummy text and images (we had a little fun with this in some cases…).

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

There is a one-time payment of $799, plus a monthly payment of either $59 or $129 (your choice). This monthly payment includes site maintenance and hosting. There are no hidden costs or fees.

You get a professionally designed, marketing-focused website, a Content Guide, Marketing Guide, and Email guide. The monthly Care Plan (required) includes site maintenance and first-rate hosting. The only thing you need to buy on your own is your domain name.

No. You will need to assemble your site content (the words and images), and this will take some time. Once the content has been approved, your site will be live within seven days of the approval date.

Absolutely. Once your site goes live, you have 30 days to love it. If you don’t, we’ll refund your money with no hassles.

As long as you pay the monthly cost of the Care Plan, you can keep the site as long as you like.

Yes. Contact us for more information about this. Once you buy the site, you will be responsible for it, including providing your own hosting and maintenance.

No. Every site is built just for your business. Many other low-cost website platforms use templates, which is why all of their sites look the same.

No. You are responsible for providing all of the site content — the text, images, videos, and anything else that will be on your site. We will send you a Content Guide to help you create your content.

We build our sites using WordPress, the most popular website platform in use today. It is a robust, flexible system which allows for a great deal of customization.

Of course! You have full access to the site content (words and images). You can make changes at any time. We include a printed guide with your purchase, and your site includes how-to videos that walk you through the steps. No coding knowledge is needed; if you can use Microsoft Word, you have all the skills you need. If you want to make any changes to the site layout, contact us and we’ll do that for you.

Plus, the Care Plans include a free done-for-you edits allowance each month (1 hour for the Essential Plan, 2 hours for the Premium plan). If you’d rather have us make your changes, just email them to us and we’ll take care of it. We’ll notify you if the edits will exceed your monthly allowance.

Yes. This is called responsive design, and it’s a must-have for websites today. Your site will be optimized to look great on computers, tablets, and phones.

No — and no one else can guarantee that, either. Our hosting includes first-class security to protect your site from hacking and malware. Also, your site is backed up daily, so any problems can be quickly fixed.

No. You will be billed monthly for the Care Plan. You can cancel this at any time.

Of course. We have an easy-to-use support ticketing system, so we can keep track of any support requests or issues. We respond to all requests within 24 hours. Additionally, subscribers to our Premium Care Plan get phone support during regular business hours.

Yes — we’ll even do it for you. Just send us the URLs of your accounts and we’ll connect your site to them.

Sorry, no. Your site will be part of a network that runs on special hosting, which is very high quality and quite expensive. This guarantees that your site will be fast and secure.

No. You can use any existing email service you have now. Since email is critical for any business, we believe in using the best provider for it, which is Google. We recommend getting a G Suite account for $6/month. This will let you use your site domain in your email address, such as

Sorry, no. E‑commerce involves a lot of things that make a website much more complicated and expensive. Contact us for options.

More stuff you get…

Choice of features

Different types of businesses have different needs. That’s why we give you a choice of features for your website. Choose from several options:

  • Google map — Good for businesses where people come to your location.
  • Image gallery — Great for businesses that want to show off their best work.
  • Quote form — Good for contractors. When someone fills this out, you’ve got a solid lead.
  • FAQ — Answer people’s questions before they ask them.

Email list connection

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase your business, and it costs next to nothing. You can use it to send a monthly newsletter, promote special deals, and much more. We’ll connect your site to your email list service so you can start building your list. We’ll also give you a guide to setting up an account and getting started with email marketing.


To get people to sign up for your email list, you need to get their attention. That’s where popups come in. Your site includes a leading pop-up system at no extra cost. We’ll set up a popup for your email opt-in form; research shows this dramatically increases the signup rate. You can choose from several different types of popups.

Copywriting help

Many business owners struggle with writing the copy for their site. Copy is what makes the sale — if it’s weak, you lose money. We help you with this critical step by giving you a content guide and making suggestions to your copy. Other services don’t do this — they just take what you give them and dump it into your site. This results in a website that doesn’t work for your business; our help is a valuable service that’s included for free.

First-class secure hosting

Hosting is the technical foundation of your site. Poor quality hosting is slow and vulnerable to hacking and other problems. Your site will be hosted on Digital Ocean, a well-known industry leader. This assures that your site will be fast, reliable, and secure — one less thing for you to worry about.

External services

Some businesses may want to use an external service, such as an online booking or scheduling service. We can usually accommodate this for an added fee. Please contact us for more information.

What you don’t get…

Free domain name

People sometimes ask why the cost of their site domain (about $15/year) isn’t included in this package, especially since some other companies do include it. The answer is simple: your site domain, like your company name, is an important business asset. You — not us or someone else — should own your business assets. This puts you in control. The companies that “give” you a free domain won’t tell you that they control it, not you. If you ever decide to go with a different company, they will charge you — maybe a lot — to transfer the domain to you.

E‑mail accounts

Most website companies will give you 10 free email accounts, which is based on the hosting. We don’t. Why? Because email is critical for your business, and hosting-based email sucks — it’s slow and unreliable. You can use whatever email provider you prefer, but we strongly recommend GMail. For $6/month, you can get a G Suite account that uses your domain; instead of an address like, you would get Looks more professional, doesn’t it?

E‑mail list account

There are dozens of email list services out there. If you already use one, we can integrate it with your new website to keep your current list intact. If you don’t have a service now, we’ll give you a guide to setting one up, but you have to do this yourself. Your list is a valuable commodity, and you should control it — not us or anyone else. Besides, it only takes a few minutes, so calm down.

Advanced SEO

Search engine results are an important source of traffic to your website. Your site is built in WordPress, which performs well in searches right out of the box, and is ready for you to tweak. You can do this yourself (but be careful) or hire an SEO specialist. Beware of companies that promise to get you to the top of searches quickly — they’re lying. Contact us if you are looking for advanced SEO solutions.

Content creation

The content of your site is far and away the most important part. We will send you a content guide to help you assemble the right kind of content for your site, and we’ll offer suggestions to the text you provide, but we will not write it for you. If you need help with this, contact us.

We can provide stock images for generic purposes, but you must supply the images of your business or work. Don’t use your phone for this — hire a pro. This is especially important for any business that creates something (like wedding cakes). Poor photos make you — and your business — look unprofessional. There’s more about this in the content guide.