Why other web developers hate me, and why that’s good for you


This was me, the last time I had hair. Like that eagle medallion? It was the 70’s…


This is me now. No hair.
And no medallion…


I’m Jess Zimmerman, the main guy here at Website In One Week. I work with a talented team of developers and marketing specialists who share a common goal: to build websites (and drive traffic to them) in order to help small businesses grow and prosper.

I’ve been building custom websites for about 20 years, and I decided to create WIOW because I noticed a serious gap in the market for business websites. For a business owner who needs a website (in other words, every business owner), there are only two options: use a free or low-cost website builder (like Wix or Squarespace), or pay a developer (like me) thousands of dollars for a custom website. Here are the problems with that:

  1. Using a free or cheap system will save you money, but you won’t make any money from the site. Is that really a smart move? You might be able to produce a decent-looking site this way, but it won’t be optimized for marketing—it will just sit there, doing nothing. You might as well not even bother.
  2. Hiring someone to build a custom site for you will get you a great-looking site, but it’s still no guarantee that it will be marketing-focused. That’s because most web developers are more interested in making themselves look good than in helping your business—and very few of them understand marketing anyway. I’ve seen terrible websites that cost $10,000 and did nothing for the customer’s business.

Since neither of these choices are good for most small businesses, I decided to fill the gap by offering good-looking, marketing-focused websites at a cost any business could afford. My sites don’t have all of the bells and whistles that are out there, but here’s a little secret: bells and whistles might be fun to look at, but they don’t make money for you. The things that turn a business website into a money machine are simple and relatively low-tech. Most developers don’t want to build sites like that because they can’t charge a lot for them or show off the latest useless gadget. By focusing on business fundamentals, I can create sites that work at a price any business can afford.

Oh, and one more thing: people often ask me how much a website costs. I hate that question. It’s like asking how much a house costs without knowing anything about it. I understand the confusion; website pricing is all over the place. On one hand, I see people selling absolute garbage sites created with crappy, ancient software for $99; on the other, I see people selling sites for $10,000 that I know only took them a few days to build. It’s no wonder that most people have no idea how much a site should cost. While I would love to sell everyone a $10,000 website, I know that many businesses can’t afford that, and there are very few who need it. That’s why I decided to make the pricing for WIOW simple and upfront so people would know exactly how much it will cost—just like every other investment they make for their business.